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LINES SPECIAL 2018 NE GR & I W EA Berkley, Ockert, Relix, AFW, Prologic and more M L T CO PROOO April 2018 Issue 123 NT VE K EN D T Essential reading for buyers…
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LINES SPECIAL 2018 NE GR & I W EA Berkley, Ockert, Relix, AFW, Prologic and more M L T CO PROOO April 2018 Issue 123 NT VE K EN D T Essential reading for buyers in the tackle trade Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 ™ The Inflatable 16’ Fishing Boat That Goes 17 mph & Packs in a Car! UnRoll and Go...Rollup and Stow AI.Front.RC.indd 3 15/03/2018 13:39 76 MH The Injection SP76MH has been designed to maximise casting dis- tances, with the ability to work and control your lure completely throughout the cast. Its fast action is very popular with anglers that use soft lures, the sensitivity allows the angler to feel everything and have full control. Like the other Injections, the SP76MH also has that powerful stopping power that allows you to win the fight with those prize fish. Length : 2,29 m Closed Length : 1,92 m Power Max : 14-35 g Line : 12/25 lb Weight : 147 g Removable handle Tél. : (33) 2 97 31 27 89 Route de Bangor Fax : (33) 2 97 31 27 84 56360 Le Palais @ : France ULTIMATE-FISHING.NET AdvertPlace.indd 1 06/03/2018 16:41 LINES SPECIAL 2018 NE GR & I W EA Berkley, Ockert, Relix, AFW, Prologic and more M L T CO PROOO April 2018 Issue 123 NT VE K EN D T Essential reading for buyers in the tackle trade Boardroom battle for control of Pure Fishing’s owner It is unclear how Pure Fishing’s portfolio of tackle names will be affected by the outbreak of hostilities at parent company Newell Brands, but the in-fighting suggests there is another period of instability ahead. A bitter boardroom battle has erupted for the which has announced plans to sell off several Ian Ashken, control of Newell Brands, the parent company iconic companies as part of its transformation Martin Franklin and of Pure Fishing. plan. James Lillie The fight to replace the whole board and The Newell Brands Board has taken the (below) are take charge of one of North America’s biggest unusual step of writing an open letter to said to want retail conglomerates is being led by Martin shareholders ahead of its forthcoming to replace CEO Michael during Franklin’s time leading Jarden, Franklin, the former CEO and Chairman of annual meeting and has not held back on its Polk (right). he and his company were not recog- Jarden Corporation – the company acquired by criticism of the actions of Franklin, including nised as governance ‘role models’. It Newell Brands in April 2016 – together with accusing him of making a false statement. also reveals that since the acquisition Starboard Value, an activist hedge fund. The The letter, signed by the Independent Franklin has liquidated approximately rival group has nominated 12 candidates for Directors of Newell Brands, says that when he 70% of the Newell Brands stake he election at the upcoming annual meeting. put himself up as Chairman, Franklin had ‘no acquired at a ‘significant’ profit. These include Franklin, Ian Ashken and real substantive plan’ for the company other “While Mr Franklin and Mr Ashken James Lillie, both former Jarden Board members. than advocating a return to the old Jarden have been selling most of their shares, Franklin and Ashken became Newell Brands holding company business model. “By a members of our management team – Board members following the acquisition, but significant majority the directors of the including our CEO – have been buying resigned following an unsuccessful attempt Board denied his request,” says the letter. them on the open market. We are to elect Franklin as Chairman. Following the vote, Franklin, Ashken and committed to this company’s future While the boardroom wrangling does not Domenico De Sole, another former Jarden not just with our words, but our directly affect the workings of Pure Fishing, Corporation director, resigned. wallets. We have stayed and bought.” it adds to the mounting uncertainty of the The letter adds: “In a statement at the time It adds: “There is much to be done business and its future within Newell Brands, that has proven to be false, Mr Franklin said he at Newell Brands, but we are on track to would turn his attention to his other activities. deliver the performance our share- We now know Mr Franklin worked to align holders expect from this team. Your with Starboard to try and replace our entire Newell Brands Board is highly engaged, Board and management team. deeply committed and is holding “They plan to replace Michael Polk as CEO management to deliver results – quickly.” with James Lillie, who served as CEO of Jarden. Mr Lillie has never integrated a portfolio of this size and never led a cost • See details of the new transformation as significant as the one superlines from Pure Fishing currently underway.” brand Berkley on page 40. The letter also says it is ‘worth noting’ that April 2018 3 Cover Story.RC.indd 3 15/03/2018 15:35 Surf 8K 220x297+3mm.indd AdvertPlace.indd 1 1 08-03-2018 11:27:24 08/03/2018 11:09 WELCOME be honest Do you want to hear bad news? Why a little soul searching would help us all. I s the tackle industry able to accept to standpoints like Li Jiang’s. The brutal honesty? I ask because I have industry needs to hear the truth just returned from China Fish in Bejing about where it is heading and where Li Jiang, the owner of that show, debate the issues properly. issued a stark warning to the country’s Which is why, in this second powerhouse factories. The Chinese fishing issue of your new-look Angling tackle manufacturing industry, said Mr Li, is at International, our annual Lines a crossroads and running out of time to secure Special, you will find a debate its long-term future. about the future of that sector. He elaborated. If Chinese factories do not Yes, there is still plenty of content switch from the mass production of low quality about new launches, but I would products to a business model based on urge you to turn first to page 29 innovation then they can wave goodbye to the where we have a six-way discus- good times. And, moreover, those innovations sion on the state of the market. need to come hand-in-hand with more efficient It is resolutely not a showcase manufacturing processes. for brands or new superlines. It In his introduction in the China Fish Buyers’ is a serious , and at times sober- Anthony Hawkswell ing, conversation about where the Editor, Angling International Guide, distributed to attendees at the show in Beijing, Li Jiang said: “The virtual world is sector is heading next, including expanding; the world is changing. The small forthright comments from one to medium-sized businesses [in China] cannot contributor in particular, Dirk go further without product development and Sowietski of German manufacturer innovation, high production efficiency and Monofil-Technik. Much like Mr Li, Dirk is willing CONTENTS competency in the capital markets. “We are in a comparatively traditional industry and it has been overtaken by newly to be brutally honest about the true nature of the sector. He goes In this issue rising industries. Industrial change is as far as to say that many compa- happening.” nies are kidding themselves about 6-26 Communiqué News In short, Mr Li’s warning, which he has made their own strengths and also the Analysis of the biggest developments in before but never with such urgency as this year, value of the market. the trade this month. was the classic business alert. Adapt or die. Maybe you know that already. Change is happening. Accept the brutal reality But isn’t that the problem? It is 29-51 Line Special of the situation and do something about it. rare that uncomfortable opinions What are the trends that will drive the And that is the reason for my question. Can like those espoused by Li Jiang lines market in the next 12 months? And you accept brutal honesty about the state of and Dirk Sowietski are aired in what are the warning signs for companies? the trade? More to the point, are you being our industry. But that does nobody brutally honest about the true nature of any good. 52 Product Updates consumer demand in your sector and your At Angling International, we New rods from Carp Zoom. strength to adapt to future shocks? If angling is want to change that. We want to stuck in its traditional ways, are we, every one report the good news but also the 57 EFTTA of us, in danger of running out of time? bad. The innovations but also the Why your company should be an Associate At Angling International, we understand our warnings about the future. We Member. Plus details of pre-registration role is to help businesses promote their think that will only strengthen our for EFTTEX. products. There is always space for you to industry. And we hope you agree. explain their qualities. It’s classic advertising 60 IFTD and marketing, and it has its place. E: Exhibitor R.L. Winston takes a bold step. But we also feel it is our duty to give space 63-65 Global Trends Including a big win for the RBFF in the United States. “If the angling trade is stuck 66 Advertise in its traditional ways, are we, Take your place in Angling International. 68 The Big Interview every one of us, in danger of Fiiish co-founder Frédéric Orlach. running out of time?” April 2018 5 5 Welcome.RC.indd 9 15/03/2018 15:37 COMMUNIQUÉ NEWS This month in deep NO.1 THE SHOW Visitors to China BEIJING: Fish are never put off by the cold. IT STILL WORKS It may not have the energy of Osaka or the heat of Orlando, but China Fish in Beijing gets the job done. In fact, this year’s increased visitor numbers suggest it has the pulling power to sustain it through a change in the Chinese economic model. China Fish doesn’t do razzmatazz, glitz or glamour. The austere and ironically named ‘New’ Chinese International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC) is about as bleak as it comes – a grey nonentity on the outskirts of Beijing and close to the airport for a quick getaway. The event isn’t helped by its timing – taking place in February when the icy wind cuts you to the bone and the lingering smog adds to a depressing scenario. It isn’t ICAST in July, that’s for sure. But despite the underwhelming venue, the event has become a mecca for buyers from across the world. And while the numbers may have dwindled over the years, the show is still regarded as one of the top three international fishing tackle trade shows in the world. This year’s event was typically understated and against this backdrop it continued pretty much in the same manner as before. The stats show that China Fish attracted 1,506 buyers from 696 companies and 79 countries, which bettered last year’s total of 1,423 buyers from 655 businesses. In fact the show pro- duced its best attendance for three years with increases in visitor numbers from Europe, 1506 Southeast Asia and America. Overseas buyers 696 Reaction from the show floor was diverse with the likes of American Tackle, which has an established sales office based in Weihai, Companies extolling its virtues. The represented by company also added to its buyers number of China Fish awards when it won the tackle accessory category with its black titanium guides. “We gained knowledge on how different markets operate. It was a good learning curve for us and we picked up some useful leads.” 6 April 2018 6-7 China Fish.RC.indd 2 15/03/2018 12:54 400 ChinaFish 2018 350 ChinaFish 2017 300 ChinaFish 2016 250 200 150 100 50 Co-owner Darrin Heim described the event 0 as ‘outstanding’, telling Angling International st a a that his company wrote orders from the pe sia ic a ia n pa n ic a ric a an re in ro tA er ss an Ea Af iw Ko Ch moment the doors opened on the first day of Eu s m u Ja e le Ta a A R c d & in the show. he O id es out M HK ani However, there were those who were less S p m effusive and the jury was out for Russian s co ea company EcoGroup, owner of the Maximus rod rs ve brand. It was one of the 60 companies making 486 O its first appearance at the event and one of four new overseas exhibitors. Export Manager Ekaterina Mirenkova said that there were Exhibitors Ekaterina Mirenkova and fewer visitors to the booth than she expected. “Although we had nothing to compare it 37 colleague of EcoGroup. with, we expected to see more people. We had more visit our booth during our first appearance at EFTTEX in Budapest last year. Overseas However, we did get some enquiries from exhibitors potential partners.” The company was also buoyed by a runners- up place in the freshwater rod category at the China Fish Best New Product Awards. “We were very pleased with the recognition – it was a pleasant surprise,” added Mirenkova. Next stop for the company is EFTTEX in Amsterdam where it will be looking for distributors across Europe, particularly in the UK and French markets. Another business that is looking to expand globally is Mazzaferro of Brazil, the second largest producer of monofilament line in the world. The company’s market is predominantly in Latin America, but it is looking for global expansion and was another international brand making its China Fish debut. Trader Edson Mattar said: “Because this was our first appearance, we did not raise our Hary Buana of Duraking: “It expectations too high. We saw this as an was good.” opportunity to introduce the brand and gain reaction from visitors. “We were happy to meet with companies The award-winning from other countries and gain knowl- American Tackle team. edge on how different markets operate. It was a good learning 60 curve for us and we picked up some useful leads.” Mattar added that New exhibitors Mazzaferro is returning to EFTTEX this year 4 and will be visiting other international trade and consumer shows across New overseas the world. exhibitors Fellow line manufacturer Duraking has established itself as a regular at China Fish in recent years. Its Research, Development and Field Tester, Hary Buana, said he felt the show was quieter than normal. “We did get traffic to our booth and it Edson Mattar of Mazzaferro: was good to meet up with current partners and one of four new overseas potential ones.” exhibitors. April 2018 7 6-7 China Fish.RC.indd 3 15/03/2018 12:55 COMMUNIQUÉ NEWS This month in deep NO.2 THE OPINION Gruppo DP: China Fish is as relevant as ever The Italian line manufacturer was the first western company to exhibit at China Fish and, 23 years later, its CEO, Nicola Dagnino, has no intention of stopping. “It still does the job it is designed to do,” he says emphatically. A familiar sight at China Fish to produce 20 million spools of line a year to Vision & Asian Technology’. for the last 23 years has customers in 96 countries and China Fish has “Our motto underpins the been Italian line manu- been a significant influence in that. strength of the company,” added facturer Gruppo DP, the “It has really helped our business as it has Dagnino. “We offer a European first western company to given us the opportunity to get to know new company that can talk the break the Asian monopoly people and embark on successful partnerships language of our customers, Asian and exhibit at what has across the globe.” manufacturing strengths and a become one of the three He added that over the years China Fish has warehouse run to our standards major fishing tackle trade developed international significance, making it and thinking. We offer the best of shows in the world. the number one global trade show of its kind. both worlds. There is little doubt that the company was “As China became acknowledged as the fishing “Since we came to Asia we have a pioneer when it signed up to take a booth in tackle manufacturing powerhouse of the world developed a lot of things the Asian 1995 in the show’s third year. The company’s so has its influence. The industry discovered way, including the Hekomaki CEO, Nicola Dagnino (above), remembers: that if you were serious in this business you winding spool technology from “China was a mystery to us and our formative had to visit China Fish. Japan that greatly increased our years in Beijing were a really difficult voyage of “And it is still as relevant now as it was in its production capacity.” discovery as we found out about China and its heyday when people flocked to the event and Although best known for its domestic market. the place was crowded. China Fish does the job OEM capabilities, Gruppo’s “International visitors were a rarity – the that it is designed to do. It may not attract as fishing division also owns or works overwhelming majority were Chinese. I think many buyers as it used to, but it still delivers with brands that include Asso, we only had two people who had travelled from a lot of new faces and consequently new busi- Perlon, Toray and Super DP. It abroad come to our booth in the first year. ness opportunities. “ also provides lines, spools and And obviously, we had problems with the Gruppo is based in packaging materials to bulk language barrier. No one spoke English – let Genova, Italy, but a decision spooling companies. alone Italian.” the company made in 2006 It is this three-strand approach Dagnino added that Gruppo took the to establish a manufac- which Dagnino says is the life- groundbreaking decision to attend the show in turing facility in India blood of the company. “Being able an attempt to break into the Chinese market – is one that has helped to do everything within the line a decision he says shaped the company and has galvanise the company sector is what keeps us alive and played a major part in its fortunes ever since. and is epitomised by thriving,” added Dagnino. “We are now a business that has the capacity its slogan: ‘European GRUPPO DP TECHNICAL FIBERS EUROPEAN VISION & ASIAN TECHNOLOGY 8 April 2018 8-9 Gruppo Ads.RC.indd 8 15/03/2018 13:03 ACTION LIKE NOTHING ELSE YOU’VE EVER SEEN RS TO & T RI BU D E AL E WANTED RS DIS /headbangerlures @headbangerlures April 2018 9 8-9 Gruppo Ads.RC.indd 9 15/03/2018 12:57 plan to conq COMMUNIQUÉ NEWS This month in deep NO.3 THE STRATEGY Can Fuji create a new market for rod building in Asia? The Japanese guides specialist has added a new dimension to its booths at consumer shows – and is hoping to reap the rewards from a developing trend. Fuji, the world leader in guides technology, has identified rod wraps and tools as an area with headroom for growth. To reach anglers with its message, the Japanese specialist has been actively promoting rod building at its domestic consumer shows and also elsewhere in Asia. At Japan’s most important shows in Yoko- hama and Osaka in January, Fuji set aside a special area of its booth for demonstrations by professional rod builders, including experts from the esteemed Fishing Workshop Matagi company. The objective was to promote rod building as an extension to the fishing experience, a concept that is relatively new in Asian markets. Yukitoshi Yao, who has responsibility for overseas sales, met with Angling International on the Fuji booth in Osaka and explained: “Rod building is a big market in the USA, but we see room for growth in our other markets of Asia and Europe. The idea is almost unknown in territories like Korea and there is headroom across Asia, including here in Japan.” Pointing out the industrious rod builders sitting at a purpose-built platform and being watched by inquisitive anglers, Yao added: “These demonstrations are a good way of promoting the activity and pioneering new clearly caught the imagination of Japanese to work with the retail trade. “We markets outside our core market of rod guides.” anglers at the two shows, contributing to an need to capitalise on this growing Fuji promoted the Yokohama and Osaka increase in visitor numbers on the Fuji booth. interest in rod building,” he said. demonstrations using a ten-day social media Yao added: “We actually introduced the Besides guides and threads, campaign. The presence of top professionals idea
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