How Much For Car Accident Injuries in California?

How Much For Car Accident Injuries in California? If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you’re probably wondering: “How much is my personal…
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How Much For Car Accident Injuries in California? If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you’re probably wondering: “How much is my personal injury claim worth? How much money can I recover?” However, even though there is no exact formula that calculates car accident compensation, there’s actually a way to estimate how much you will get for medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Los Angeles personal injury attorney at JML Law will help you understand how to estimate a car accident injury settlement, and how to make sure you get every dollar available in your case. How To Calculate Pain And Suffering In A Car Crash? While the value amount of settlement after a traffic collision varies from one case to another, a rule of thumb is that first your car accident attorney will determine the full cost of your medical expenses, and then use that information to calculate your compensation for pain and suffering. Typically, a lawyer will multiple by 1½ to 3 times the amount of medical bills in order to estimate pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering is the only portion of your settlement that will be determined by the court, not your insurance company, which is why being legally represented by a car accident attorney is vital to maximize your compensation Your insurance company will provide coverage for your medical expenses and property damages (car repairs), but don’t expect them to handle your car accident claim fairly and honestly: ask your attorney to file a claim on your behalf to prevent your insurer from adopting unfair claim insurance practices. How To Estimate Your Compensation ? We asked personal injury lawyer at JML Law to walk you through the process of how the judge determines the exact amount of a car accident settlement. To do that, the judge and jury will consider the type of your injuries sustained in the car crash, the type and cost of treatment and rehabilitation, duration of therapy, severity of the collision, loss of wages and/or earning capacity as a result of your stay in the hospital and/or due to injuries. Want to Estimate Your Compensation Today? Every car crash is different and each case involves a plethora of different factors that help determine the full cost of damages. Speak to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from JML Law Firm to calculate your settlement in a free consultation. 818-835-5735 21052 Oxnard Street Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
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