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INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION CONFERENCE EU at the crossroads of migration: critical reflections on the ‘refugee crisis’ and new migration deals Utrecht, the…
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INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION CONFERENCE EU at the crossroads of migration: critical reflections on the ‘refugee crisis’ and new migration deals Utrecht, the Netherlands, 7-8 May 2018 Conference Program08:00 - 09:15 Registration and Reception Day 1 – 7 May 2018Location: Aula, Academiegebouw 9:15 – 9:30Welcome Prof. Dina Siegel Rector09:30 - 11:30Plenary session Chair: Dina Siegel (Utrecht University) Keynote presentations: Demetrios Papademetriou (Migration Policy Institute (MPI), Washington, USA) Title: “Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees: Scale, Trends, Governance Challenges … “Solutions” Evthymios Papataxiarchis (University of the Aegean, Greece)Discussion13:00 - 14.00LUNCH BREAK Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-3 Location Panel 1 Room 119 Panel Title EU policies14.00 - 15.30Chairs Presentation1Sybe de VriesName: Roila Mavrouli Title: The socalled “refugee crisis” at the era of European governance: a contradictionPanel 2 Room 110 Migration and CrimeVeronika Nagy Names: Lara Katharina Schartau and Christian RoyPogodzik Title: Flight as a Security Problem? An Analysis ofPanel 3 Room 111 Regional integration challengesPanel 4 Room 217 Facilitating contemporary journey of unwanted travelers to EuropePanel 5 Room 218 DAMR Panel ‘Refugees, migrants and integration on local level’Richard Staring & Ilse van LiemptHanneke van EijkenNames: AnnChristin DammName: Fransje MolenaarName: Barbara OomenTitle: Purposes, weaknesses, and potentials of regional integration concepts: TheTitle: Effect of migration deals on transit (smuggling) hubsAjay BaileyPanel 6 Room 219 Movie session 1 Dancing on a Razor’s Edge By Aurora Peters and Erwin van ’t HofVassilis GerasopoulosTitle: Decoupling and teaming up: the role of Transnational Refugee City2between European policies and national reality? Presentation2Name: Manfred Kohler Title: Strategic interests behind asylum policies in selected EU member statesPresentation3Names: Tuğçe Kılıç and Attila Szabo Title: Have we learnt from the past? New but uncertain obstacles in the Balkan routePresentation4Names: Almina Bešić and Veronika VasilevaRefugee-related Crime in Germanyexample of Saxony/GermanyName: Didem DoğarName: Merve BurnazoğluName: Richard StaringTitle: Normativity as Mediator Between Phenomena and their Measurement: Refugees’ IntegrationTitle: Migration control and changing patterns of mobility towards the EUName: Kim VoogtName: Milena BelloniTitle: Criminalisation of Migration: No equal protection for asylum seekers suspected of criminality Name: Matilde Rosina Title: Criminalising irregular migration in Italy: Expectations and pitfallsTitle: Food as a tool for integration in GreeceNetworks in refugee reception and integration in EuropeTitle: Who to trust and who to ask for favours: informal networks in Eritrean migrationName: Costanza Di Francesco MaesaName: Katie KuschminderName: Sophie ScholtenTitle: Securitisation of migration throughTitle: Eritrean Asylum Seekers Mobility within ItalyTitle: From facilitating migration toName: Salvo Nicolosi Title: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Temporary Protection in EU Asylum Law Name: Karin Geuijen, Caroline Oliver and Rianne Dekker Title: Local innovation to overcome the challenges of asylum seeker reception: the Utrecht Refugee Launchpad Discussant: Tesseltje de Lange3Presentation 5Title: Applying the EU legal migration framework: From theory to practice on admission and residence of migrants in the European Union Name: Luigi M. Solivettipreventive measures: is it legitimate?enforcing migration control; the changing position of transport companies in border policiesTitle: Islamic Immigrants and Perceived Discrimination in Europe: A Comparative Analysis15.30 - 15.45BREAK15:45 - 17:15Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-3 Location Panel 7 Room 109Panel 8 Room 117Panel 9 Room 111Panel 10 Room 110Panel 11 Room 218Panel 12 Room 2194Title Gender and inclusionChairsVassilis GerasopoulosPresentation1Name: Şahizer Samuk CarignaniPresentation2Title: The case of Syrian and Turkish Women: uniting stories of gender and migration in the light of integration policies Names: Ildikó Asztalos Morell and Mehrdad Darvishpour Title: The securitisationIMISCOE book presentation Constructing Roma Migrants: European narratives and Local Governance Veronika Nagy and Tina MagazziniDAMR panel Evidence and reflections on the (structural) integration of refugees in the Netherlands Özge BilgiliBordersNames: Anna Di Ronco and Anita LavorgnaNames: Djamila Schans and Mieke MaliepaardName: Rozita DimovaTitle: Criminalization and migration control at “Europe´s Southernmost Geopolitical Border”Title: Representations of migrants in the Italian local press: an exploratory analysisTitle: The integration of refugees in the Netherlands: Looking Back and Looking ForwardName: Vera MessingName: Sarina TheurerName: Mafalda CarapetoName: Frank van TubergenName: Antonello ScialdoneTitle: Humanitarian crisis or security threat. The coverage of three iconic events ofTitle: Khartoum Process European crisis politics in Africa?Title: Refugees’ on Portuguese broadsheetsTitle: The labour market integration of refugees in the NetherlandsTitle: In search of European borders: an exercise in teichometryJovana Knezevic Kruta Title: Contesting the structural constraints – a case study of Roma asylum seekers from SerbiaExternalisation of bordersRepresentation of migration in the mediaIlse van LiemptBrenda Oude BreuilName: Eva Magdalena Stambøl,Damián ZaitchTitle: Caught in the Rails: Train transport and the refugee crisis in Southern Balkans5Presentation3of asylumseeking in Sweden after 2015 in the light of experiences of asylumseeking girls with roots in Afghanistanthe refugee crisis in summer 2015 by the Hungarian and Austrian news mediaNames: Armela Xhaho, Erka Caro, Ajay BaileyName: Julija SardelićTitle: Gender, Crises and life course choices of Albanian working women in Greece: In(visible) forms of empowerment and agencyTitle: Differing Romani mobilities? The case of crossborder migration of Roma between Slovenia and AustriaName: Gamze Ovacık Title: Impact of EU Policies for Externalization of Migration Control on Turkey: Refugee Protection in Turkish Case LawName: Nermin Aydemir & Rens Vliegenthart Title: Turkish media discourse on asylum related migrants: Stories of inclusion and exclusionName: Floris PetersName: Monika WeissensteinerTitle: The citizenship premium: Immigrant naturalisation and labour market integration in the NetherlandsTitle: Policing mobilities – mobilising police: a view from inner-European Schengen borders at the crossroads of the “migration/refugee crisis”6Presentation4Name: Carol Mann Title: The urgent necessity of holistic perspective on female and sexual minorities refugeesPresentation 5Name: Joanna Kostka Title: No Country for Poor People: Roma Migrants in PolandNames: Cecilia Vergnano and Marianna Manca Title: Excluded from the possible city. When inclusion projects need “bad” RomaName: Ingrid B. Pavezi Title: Refugee crisis solved, human crisis in process: Notes on the European Union agreements with ‘Safe Third Countries’Name: Esra Yurt Title: Media and Civil Society Cooperation for Rights of RefugeesName: Martino Reviglio Title: ‘’Italy and Libya between inclusion and exclusion: A critical reflection on migration management strategies’Name: Veronika Křížková Title: The Image of the Czech Republic in the Pages of German Newspapers within Context of the European Migration Crisis17:15 - 17:30 BREAK Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-37LocationPanel 13 Room 115Panel 14 Room 117Panel 15 Room 118Panel 16 Room 220Panel 17 Room 017TitleDisplacement and selectivity managementHuman smuggling and TerrorismHow does migration control increase vulnerabilityRethinking cosmopolitanismAlternative modernities, transnational mobility and their effect on disadvantaged communities in Eastern EuropePanel 18 Room JK 15 a 001 Roundtable What purpose do deportation regimes actually serve?17:30 - 19:00Panel 19 JK15a room 003 Movie Session 2 “The Dealâ€?- documentary and debate on the refugee deal with Turkey A film by Els van Driel & Eefje BlankevoortChairsSalvo NicolosiDina SiegelConny RijkenBrenda Oude BreuilJudit DurstBarak KalirPresentation1Names: Robert Larruina & Elena PonzoniName: Paolo CampanaName: Annick PijnenburgName: Attila MeleghHelen HintjensTitle: Out of Africa: The organization of migrant smuggling across the MediterraneanTitle: Vulnerability, cooperative migration control and legal barriers to accountability: the case of Libya and TurkeyNames: Moskalenko Oleksandr and Sopilko IrynaTitle: Bumping into the neighbor: Collaboration between Dutch civil society and state organizations in refugeeTitle: Ukrainians in Poland: Refugees or gastarbeiters?Chair: Ilse van LiemptTitle: Migration patterns in historical structural approach8Presentation2(crisis) governance Name: Gerasimos Tsourapas Title: Refugee Rentier States in the Middle East – The Politics of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan, Lebanon, and TurkeyPresentation3Name: Evelien van Roemburg Title: Human development in protracted displacement: for displaced and host communities alikePresentation4Names: Marcell Farkas and Olivér KriskaName: Marta Bo Title: EUNAVFOR Operation Sophia and the Apprehension, Arrest, Prosecution and Adjudication of Migrant Smugglers Name: Selina March Title: Terrorist Until Proven Refugee: examining the impact of counterterroris m discourse on international refugee protection Name: Garib Mirza Title: The Narratives ofName: Amy Weatherburn Title: The increased vulnerability of migrants to labour exploitation in Europe: using positive obligations to maintain a firewall between migration law and criminal law Name: Lisa Berntsen and Tesseltje de LangeNames: Justyna Salamońska and Agnieszka Weinar Title: How do migration deals shape the mobility systems around the European UnionName: Özge AlgülTitle: Legal Pathways out of Irregularity in the Netherlands: from value to vulnerabilityTitle: On the Resurgence of Border Walls in Europe: Rethinking the Idea of a “Cosmopolitan Europe”Name: Lukasz DziedzicName: Christoph MautzTitle: Rethinking the concept ofTitle: Limits of welcome culture?Names: Váradi, Mónika – Németh, KrisztinaPolly PallisterWilkinsTitle: Care migration from rural HungaryName: Judit DurstJosé Angel BrandarizTitle: Out of the frying pan into the fire? From Municipal Lords to the Global Assembly Lines – the case of the Hungarian Roma transnational mobilities Names: Fosztó, László- Toma, Stefánia9Presentation 5Title: Management of mass influx of refugees in Hungarian and Serbian settlements Name: Tania Berger Title: Building for integration: Social implications of design solutions for refugees19.00 to 19:45Syrian Refugees through Smuggling to Europe Name: Francisco Alonso Title: "From the American Dream to the Mexican Nightmare. How US Border Control and Migratory Policies are Fueling Violence in Mexico"vulnerability in EU asylum and migration discourse– side effects of organized reception of asylum seekersTitle: Social distance and transnational migration in ethnicaly mixed rural settlements in RomaniaName: Marielle Zill Title: Open doors, mental borders: (Un)familiarity between asylum seekers and neighbourhood residents of an inner-city asylum centre in the Augsburg, GermanyEVENING RECEPTIONDay 2 – 8 May 201809:00 - 10:30Plenary session: Towards more effective EU-African migration cooperation: deals or partnerships? Keynote presentations:10Ms. Marit Maij – speciaal gezant migratie – Ministry Foreign Affairs Dr. Awil Mohamoud - Director African Diapora Policy Centre Representative AU (tbc) Discussion Joris Schapendonk - Nijmegen Centre for Border Research, Radboud University Maggi Leung (International Development Studies, Utrecht University) Anna Knoll (ECDPM) Marjanne de Haan (PAX) Annelies Zoomers (Chair, UU)10:30 - 10:45BREAK Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-3 Panel 20 Room 116Panel 21 Room 117Panel 22 Room 120Panel 23 Room JK15a 101Panel 24 Cervantes Institute Sovereign power and migration governance during the migration crisis Organizers: Ilan Amit and Katerina RozakouPanel TitlePolicy ImplicationsEU-Africa relationsDetention and return policyIntegration and Moral panicChairsJoep LindemanIngrid BoasNilay KavurBrenda Oude Breuil10:45-12:15 Presentation1Name: Stefan ImmerfallName: Rasul Oriyomi OlukoluTitle: German’s responses to the refugee crisisTitle: The impact of internal armed conflicts on migration byName: Emma Patchett Title: On shaping space: The Reception Conditions DirectiveName: Michele Steccato Title: Understanding the Italian immigration scare inChair: Apostolos Andrikopoulos Name: Katerina Rozakou Title:11within EU multilevel governance and asylum policy Presentation2Name: Sara Miellet Title: Burden, benefit or duty?: Approaches to refugee reception and integration of local authorities in small and medium sized townsPresentation3Presentation4Name: Morgan Etzel Title: Behind the numbers: The commoditization of Syrian refugee experience in Germany, a translocality perspective Name: Meriç Çağlar Title: The Legal Production ofAricans: foes within and enemies without' Name: Luca Lixi Title: Unravelling the making of a migration governance system prone to crisis and the difficulties to change: the case of EUTunisians relations pre and post the 2011 ‘Arab spring’Name: Charles Simplice Mbatsogo Mebo Title: The contribution of international partners in supporting returnees in AfricaName: Roberto Cortinovis Title: Policy change in EU external migrationand Immigration Detentionthe Moral Panic framework(Ir)regular States of Migration: Contested Sovereignties in Europe’s MarginsName: Ruben TimmermanName: Emiliya Bratanova van HartenName: Zeynep KaşlıTitle: European Borderscapes & the Illegal(ized) Migrant: Undeportability and Repeated Detention in the Dutch Migration Control FieldName: Valeria Ferraris Title: Saving bodies, losing lives: refugee roulette in ItalyName: Evelien WautersTitle: Populism and Refugees: A LoveHate RelationshipName: Maria IIia BiancoTitle: Governing “Migration Crisis” Along the Militarized Greek-Turkish Border: The Role of LocalName: Paolo CuttittaTitle: The Italian “refuge emergency”Title: NGO Borderwork and the EU Externalization of Migration Management to Tunisia and EgyptName: Egle GusciuteName: Lisa Marie BorrelliTitle: 'Refugees welcome? AttitudesTitle: “I Spy with My Little Eye Something That Is …” – Secrecy12Precarity: SubSaharan Migrant Women’s Participation in Labor in Turkey Presentation 5policy: the case of the EU Trust Fund for AfricaTitle: Speedy returns: the magic oubliette?Name: Ajay Bailey Title:‘I did so much more in India’: Cultural capital transitions of Indian nurses in The Netherlands.towards refugees in Europe'as Humanitarianism or Deterrence?Name: Saskia J.M. HarkemaName: Beste İşleyenTitle: Staying human: Important actors contributing to change and reconstruction in SyriaPresentation 6Title: Irregular Migration Governance in the Aegean Sea: The Turkish Coast Guard CommandNames: Ilan Amit and Annika Lindberg Title: Performing States of Crises: Exploring the Implementation Surplus of Immigration Detention in Israel and Denmark12:15 – 13-15LUNCH BREAK Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-3 Panel 25 Room 218 Title EU turkey dealPanel 26 Room 219 EU’s admission policies, readmissionPanel 27 Room 220 The effects of the EU Turkey Statement onPanel 28 Room 115 Complex Spatialities and Experiences:Panel 29 Room 111 Refugee crisis 20152017Panel 30 RoomJK15a001 Host countries, citizenship13agreements and the implications on human rights Chairs Presentation1 13:15 – 14:45Nilay Kavur Name: Umut Korkut & Tasawar AshrafJohn Vervaele Name: Benjamin HulmeTitle: The Title: The Proliferation of Securitization of Political Migration through Arrangements in the use of Safe European Union Third Country Readmission Policy Notion in European Asylum System and its Human Rights Implications: A Case Study of EUTurkey Readmission Deal Presentation2 Name: Eleni Name: Lorenz Koutsouraki Neuberger Title: The role of Greece in the implementation of the EU –Turkey dealTitle: Contemporary Asylum Policies between Human Rights Advocacy, Deterrence, and Responsibility Outsourcingmigration flows and access to protectionIlse van Liempt & Orcun Ulusoy Name: Narin IdrizRefugees between Camps and Cities (Europe / the Middle East) Nora LafiVeronika NagySarrah Kassem Name: Vassilis On the Nexus Gerasopoulos Title: of Discourse An Examination of the and Spatiality of Title: Countering EU-Turkey Deal from Refugee: Public ‘Crisis’: Identifying EU Law Perspective Opinion, the components of the Perceptions and refugee crisis in Daily Life Greece Experiences in TübingenName: Beste Isleyen Title: Irregular Migration Governance at Turkey’s Borders with the EU.Name: Irene VladName: Mairi ZoiMarjanne de Haan Name: Marloes de Hoon Title: A ticket to mobility? Naturalization and out-migration of asylum migrants in the NetherlandsName: Hester KroezeTitle: Frontex Title: Rebooted: The Title: Between War A Permanent Securitisation of and Law – Figurative Exception: a Migration in the EU Use of Family history of time by the European Reunification Law and space in the Border and Coast by Asylum Seekers Balata refugee Guard and its Legal Without a Refugee camp Implications in terms Status14Presentation3Presentation4Name: Giray SadıkName: Gözde KayaName: Sevda TunuboyluTitle: Time for a New Refugee Deal to Enhance EUTurkey Cooperation in Border SecurityTitle: Reform of the common European asylum system: a critical approach to the Dublin iv regulation proposalTitle: Stuck on an island: waiting, hoping and fearing (im)mobilityName: Zormpa Ariadni-StavroulaNames: Katarzyna Czarnota and Inga HajdarowiczName: Orçun UlusoyTitle: "The effects of the EU-Turkey Title: Systematic statement on the segregation - the case Greek asylum of refugees in Jordan policy" and Lebanon in the context of European „integration policies” Presentation5Name: Abduhalim Albakkor Title: Instrumentalization of the ‘crisis’Title: Safe for whom? What happens to the migrants who are returned to Turkey under the Statement?Name: Ilse van Liempt Title: Refugees’ experiences with resettlement towards the Netherlands under EU Turkey Dealof EU Competences and Social Legitimacy Name: Ahmad Names: Cristina Name: Cansu Alaqra Fernández-Bessa and EkmekciogluJose A. BrandarizDedeoglu Title: García The Unmaking Title: The Role of of Qalandia Title: ‘Welcoming ICTs in Building camp: what distant refugees, Resilience to Forced inhabitants barring the arrival of Migration: The Case expect from neighbouring of Syrian Refugees their urban migrants’ Has the soenvironment. called refugee crisis shifted Spanish migration control policies? Name: Nora Name: Idlir Peci and Names: Miguel Lafi Irina Kotenko Franquet Dos Santos Silva, Ana Title: Title: ‘Albanian Beriain Bañares Refugees in mass migration: and Svein Bruras Berlin Anno III: identifying policy and on the Search legal gaps’ Title: Improper for a Flat. Distance: The Refugee Crisis Presented by Two Newsrooms Names: Name: Pedro Ponte e Sousa Hanneke van Eijken, Barbara Safradin and Title: Diaspora’ or Linda A.J. Senden ‘Portuguese communities abroad’ by the country of origin: is it relevant15Title: The “Refugee crisis”: a crisis of law, will or values?14:45-15:00on a foreign policy strategy? Some remarks towards a critical discussionBREAK Panels – JANSKERKHOF 2-3 Panel 31 Room 218TitleCrisis ManagementPanel 32 Room 219Panel 33 Room 220Panel 34 Room JK15a101Panel 35 Room 111Panel 36 JK15a001Panel 37 Room 117Age and immigration: child migrantsMulti-level perspectives on the EU migration "crisis": Migration management between securitization and humanitarianism , between state and civil societySocial psychologi cal processes involved in reactions to refugeesCrimeTurkeyMovie session 3 Representing
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